kimberlymaustinKimberly Austin is a front end web developer, graphic designer, artist and creative thinker. Her approach is inquisitive and collaborative. She believes in dreaming big, working hard and when the time is right, playing hard too.

Most recently Kimberly has taken the role as Communications Director with BMW Car Club of America in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC. With 11 years in the web development and marketing industry, her experience includes work at AAA Carolinas, Fresh Water Systems, Neologic Solutions, Medals of America, Kimielo Marketing & Design, Sunshine & Rosebugs and SamJay & Company.

Kimberly graduated from ECPI University in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Web Development. She completed her Associates Degree in Web Design in 2007 as an Honors graduate and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

As a designer/developer and part of the creative team at Medals of America she was exposed to all of the marketing and creative aspects of the business from branding to email marketing and content management as well as product development. Under the direction of the E-commerce Manager and Creative Director Kimberly concurrently developed her aesthetic and technical abilities as well as refined her leadership skills.

Her role at Medals of America included everything from creatively directing junior designers, to assisting in photo shoots, managing content for both the main e-commerce website and wholesale site, email marketing, graphic banners, writing technical procedures,  paid ads, social media, managing chat software, producing exclusive company product designs and directly working with 3rd party software companies and outside marketing agencies as a support liaison.

Kimberly worked briefly as Marketing Specialist for Fresh Water Systems and Neologic Solutions initiating their new email marketing program strategies. She has worked with several local small businesses through Kimielo Marketing & Design, LLC which is a marketing and design firm she spear headed in 2012 in Simpsonville, SC. This has allowed Kimberly to push into business management, hone her creative skills and strengthen her coding talents.

Kimberly is owner and artist of an online gift shop, Sunshine & Rosebugs. The shop specializes in one-of-a-kind handmade vintage and fantasy themed gifts.

While Creative Director at SamJay & Company Kimberly created product templates and designs. She perfected creative processes to enhance the company’s new line of products. The new product line designs successfully brought the company its first international sales.

Kimberly is very passionate about all of her work and really craves the creative side of being a designer. Once the design is done she delights in seeing clean, polished code light up the computer screen with clarity and force. Kimberly undertakes each project/client with an inquisitive and open mind with the intent to create meaningful, competent and original ideas, images, designs and concepts that is relevant to the audience as well as the profession and herself.

Kimberly lives in Simpsonville, SC with several rescued fur babies. Outside of work she enjoys reading, creative writing, drawing, painting, crafting, cycling, and an occasional really creepy horror movie.