Everyone is looking for a review to help them know whether they are making a good decision about a product or service these days right? So, what better way to get to know me than by hearing what my educators, co-workers and clients have to say about me?

Kim is an amazingly talented web designer. She recreated my website SamsaBeds, into a fully functional and exciting place to go. It use to be a boring drab site, now its full of color and fun. I have know Kim for a number of years through our work relationship. Dedicated, smart and very creative, I would recommend her to any one who is looking to create or revamp their website into something new and innovative.

Buz Buswell
Owner and CEO at SamsaBeds

Kim is an extremely knowledgeable and capable person. I worked with Kim for several years and would love to have her back with us at Medals of America. She is able to view issues with a website at both the global level and at ground level giving her great insight into what can and should be done. She also has the skills to tackle and resolve most of those issues. Kim is also great at communicating with vendors and contractors to express design and functional specifications. She is a team player and readily fits in with almost anyone. Kim has my highest recommendation and will be an asset to any employer.

Brad Hoover
IT Director at Medals of America

I worked with Kim at Medals of America. When I was hired, Kim was the Webmaster who also designed and maintained the email marketing. I was tasked to take over the email marketing and learn how to manage the web content and Kim was an excellent teacher and continues to be my mentor here. Kim taught me how to use our web content system, set up and send the email content, attach utm codes to links for analysis and workaround various browser issues. Kim is a true professional and an asset to our Creative team at Medals of America. I am thankful for her instruction and support, and she is always a joy to work with.

Sarah Huet de Guerville
Assistant E-Commerce Manager at Medals of America

Kimberly is a hard working, nose to the grindstone, dedicated individual. She takes great pride in her work and it shows. It has been a pleasure working with her and she has my highest recommendation!

Steve Heckethorn
Military Awards Specialist at Medals of America

Kimberly is a pleasure to work with. She is always very thorough and goes the extra mile to ensure that any requests she submits have concise detail and screen shots with user friendly, understandable descriptions. She is friendly, always positive, energetic and willing to do whatever legwork is necessary to get a job done right.

Christa Jensen
Technical Support Analyst at Ability Commerce

Ms. Austin Is a dedicated worker that completes what she starts. She is intelligent and very easy to work with. She is one of our top students. I would not hesitate to hire her even in a managerial position.

Philip Barone
Instructor at ECPI University

Kimberly has been a student in various courses I have taught over the last year. She has been consistently engaged in the subject matter, eager to learn, well organized, and anxious to see how her new learning could apply to her job. She has been a dependable and enthusiastic member of all the teams in which she has participated. I can recommend her without hesitation.

Bill Spees, PhD
Instructor at ECPI University